EMD Insight

EMD Insight

Exercise Move Dance (EMD) Insight supports the growth of the dance fitness and group exercise market by gathering information to understand Exercise, Movement & Dance.

EMD Insight conducts detailed surveys, focus groups and research on a national scale to be able to provide the market with a wealth of information that will assist with growing participation in dance fitness and group exercise.

EMD Insight works very closely with dance fitness organisations, leisure providers, County Sports Partnerships, individual teachers and other bodies associated to dance fitness and group exercise to ensure everyone involved in dance fitness has their say and has the chance to express their opinion.

Extensive research has been completed by the EMD Insight team with the help of research specialists YouGov. Previous studies have also been conducted with Women in Sport, Two Circles and SkillsActive.


  • Working in Fitness – exploring conditions, membership affinities, expectations, barriers and behaviours of those that work in the fitness industry, inclusive of dance fitness
  • Working in Fitness Focus Groups – obtaining qualitative data from those that work in fitness
  • National Survey – surveying the general public about their dance fitness habits
  • Participant Survey – gathering information about satisfaction levels, motivations and participation levels of those that take part in dance fitness


  • Participant Focus Group – obtaining qualitative data from those that participate in fitness activities
  • Dance fitness segmentation – dividing the broad target market into subsets of participants that have common motivations and behaviours. This gives the industry the ability to implement specific strategies to target each group
  • Retention Survey – discovering the reasons why people continue to participate in dance fitness or why the drop out


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To be involved with EMD Insight, please contact the Insight team or 01403 266000.


Research extracts can be found within the ‘Download’ section of this page.

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